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Jun 6, 2010 at 8:47 AM

Hi all.

I've got a basic foundation setup for Directx to render inside a WPF Window, so that's one of the important, early obstacles out of the way.

As it currently is, it'll just show a line spinning around in the center of the screen, with a button to reverse the spin, so not much really going on to look at.

Performance will be better on Windows Vista/7 than on XP, but at this point it shouldn't be noticible. If it is, please let us know.

Some references for the sort of thing I was doing:

D3DImage, a WPF Control

Walkthrough: Creating Direct3D9 Content for Hosting in WPF

Walkthrough: Hosting Direct3D9 Content in WPF

Performance Considerations for Direct3D9 and WPF Interoperability