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The Raygun Diplomacy Team Roster

Please add yourselves.


TheGrandUser is the overall project lead as well as the lead software developer.

He's had 4-5 years of experience working with Directx, and 3-4 Years working with .Net. His current day job involves writing engineering tools for 3D laser scanning using those technologies.


Writer & World Design Lead

Has been writing stories since he has learned to read, and is an extremely fast and voracious reader.


Ideas, general coding/debugging help, etc. I'm just helping out where I can, tho I don't think I'm really good enough at any one area to lead it.


General work, including code, documentation and proofreading of same. Will make himself useful in every way he possibly can


Mostly help with coding, either overall design or the software or implementation.
Have close to a decade's experience with programming (mostly C, C++ and Java). Personal area of interest is AI and independent agents if/when those come up.


Ideas, implementation, coding, and scripting. Mad science and evil cackling where appropriate.
Varying amount of experience (6 months - 2 years) in C++, basic C, Java, Python, and Perl.


Coder emeritus. Developer in charge of feature creep and general neatstuffs of questionable value.
5 years of hobbyist-level C# experience.


Mostly just ideas and designs for stuff, though I'll try to draw up a concept for the designs I come up with. I took some programming classes, but I doubt that's enough to really matter.

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