This page is a basic overview of the timeline leading up to Raygun Diplomacy's main story. This differs from the World History page as the World History is focused on the game world itself, and will be focused on the game's present, whereas this page will focus primarily on the past. The two pages may eventually be merged. It will span from approximately 2019-2217, although may briefly explore real-world events prior to 2019 that impact the game's story.

- Two years after the death of Professor Hawking in Cambridge, scientists at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics develop a process that generates a bubble in the Earth's gravitational field, allowing for satellites and space craft to reach orbit at a dramatically reduced cost. The resulting technology is named after the late professor, becoming known as the Hawking Device.

- Space agencies around the world sign a treaty declaring their co-operation in efforts to establish permanent supply routes to a planned multi-national lunar research colony.

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