To-Do List
These are not in any order of importance. Ideally, many elements would be worked on concurrently.

1. Timeline
2. Glossary of Terms
3. Game Encyclopedia/Story Bible
4. Mission Storyboarding
5. Dialog Scripting

1. Concept Art
2. Flavour & Detail Art

1. Research story-applicable science to ensure accuracy.
2. Extrapolate second and third-order effects of events & technology. Remember, anyone could have predicted the automobile, but it would take a science fiction author to predict the traffic jam.
3. Investigate the game's stellar neighbourhood - what are the characteristics of the stars nearby to our setting?
4. Create a virtual network of evens to identify possibilities for multiple game endings.

1. Game Mechanics
2. Object and Character Interactions
3. Graphics Engine.
4. AI
5. Debugging.

1. Marketing
2. Easter Eggs

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